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Jun 30, 2003
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i am in the market for a digital camera. i've reviewed a lot of them, i'd just like some opinions. my dream camera is fuji s602z but it is like $600. i will either save for that or get something much simpler for now.

my style of photography is mostly still. i'd like something with moderately flexible ISO so that pictures will come out decent in low-light shots. capturing fast-moving sports, etc, is of least concern, in fact the blur of someone's legs as they walk is sort of a neat effect in my opinion.

i'd really like a manual focus and wouldn't care whether auto was present. manual aperture and shutter settings would be icing on the cake; though i've never used such options before i'm sure they would be very handy. an optical zoom of at least 4x would be pleasant. 6x would be ideal. the macro, correct me if i word this wrong, i'd like at around the max distance of a couple inches - i really do like close up shots.

film speed - i guess data recording speed for digital - would be ideal at around a second but since i mostly do still photography it's of less concern.

and finally mega-pixels. i really don't know a lot about this, but i'm hoping for hi-res and fine quality images as still shots would call for. i would be printing the images at probably no larger than 8x10 in, and as for screen resolution i care for little above 1024x768.

it would be awesome if someone could recommend a camera for my needs.
Hi Toad,
You may want to check out the Olympus C-3020z, it's an obsolete model but it's selling for around $300 and it's got all the manual control you need.
It's 3Mp and only a 3X optical zoom but has a 2.5X digital zoom as well and supposedly works good in low light.
Close-up lenses are also available fairly cheaply for this camera.
IMHO it's a good idea to start with a lower priced digital with all the manual controls and while you're getting used it and finding out what you really need the true digital SLR's will be improving and the prices of older models will fall, at some point your pennies and the price of the camera you want will intersect!
Meanwhile you're learning and having fun.
Hope this helps.
thanks, that is a nice camera. and you say close-up lenses can be found at a good price, how cool. i like that it runs off 4 double-As and i happen to have 8 of the nimh recharables which i love more than any other double-a battery i've ever used. i'm hoping this camera comes with software and computer hook-up for a way to get the pictures off, but i'm sure it will.

this camera is also so much more affordable for me at the moment. i'm sure i'll be pleased with it as my old (and only) camera was really pretty junky. thanks again for the recommendation!
The computer interface is USB so if you're running Windows XP it's all done for you, if Wndows 98 you're going to have to load a driver but either way no problem. The camera just looks like another drive to the computer.
If you do get one the first thing to buy (after a decent sized memory card) is the lens adaptor, they're about $10 and you can leave it on the camera, the lens cap will still fit on the adaptor albeit a bit sloppy and it'll save the dreaded grinding sound if you accidentally turn the camera on with the lens cap in place.
Hope it works out for you.
i have a sony f717. It may be a little pricey (i got mine for $620) about 4 months ago. I love this camera. It is a 5 MP and with a carl ziess lense the picture is great. only 5x optical zoom, but it is ok i guess. The shape... you either love it or you dont. I like the camera over all, it can be used as a point and shot, or as a full manule camera. (a plus, it uses usb2 for fast loads to your pc.)

Like I said kinda pricey for what you are looking for, but I like it any way.

PS... I anyone is looking for a nice digital camera to make LARGE prints of, I would hold off till more cameras start using the foveon chip.

good luck
Yeah I would've liked the Sony but the best price right now is $550 which makes it more than the Fuji S602 (currently selling for $520) which was Toads first choice.
Personally I believe the Sony F717 is a better choice than the Fuji but each to their own.
I still believe the best bet is to start with a lower priced good one with all the manual controls and then move up to the SLR's.
The Fuji S602 is a low-end SLR (sort of) but with only 3Mp and inabilty to change lenses etc. I believe it's a dead end in a way.

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