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    I bought a Sony H5 this past June from a Circuit City Store.
    The camera failed less than 60 days later, tried to exchange it at the store but was told CC only does a direct exchange for 14 days after the purchase. So, this is the last camera I buy from them.

    Sent the H5 off to the Sony Laredo repair facility, following the instructions given to me by Sony.
    The camera arrived and about 9 days later I was notified that the camera had been repaired and was on it's way back to me.
    Five days later I call the Laredo facility and am told all about UPS and all that. I told the lady that I don't care about UPS, that I sent the camera to them and what they did with it was their responsibility. She promised to call me back the next day with more information.
    This lady promised to call me back about six different times and not once, not ever kept her word.
    OK, I call Laredo again wanting to know where my camera is.
    Now I'm told I have to wait 8 days until they and UPS can sort out the problem. Fine. Whatever. I wait the 8 days and of course Miz "I will call you" never called.
    I call back and am told that the camera is lost. LOL! I knew that 2 weeks earlier.
    She goes on to say they don't have any H5s in stock and that I would have to pick from a list of cameras they do have in stock.
    This took place Friday before the Labor Day weekend, so she promises to call me early Tuesday morning with a choice of cameras I can have.
    By this time I have had it with these idiots and call Sony on their "Customer Care"less 800.
    I get hold of one of their fine customer reps who then steps in and tries to pawn off the problem back to UPS. I not-so-gently remind her that I don't care about UPS, I did not tell them to use UPS and for all I know they and not UPS lost the camera. She promises to call me back.
    Surprise! She calls me back and tells me yes, the camera is lost and that they would send me a check in 2 to 3 weeks.
    Translate that to "when we get around to it, we are a very big and busy corporation and don't have time for you".
    I berate her about that but she tells me it's Sony policy.
    So now I wait for the check.

    Yesterday I placed an order for a replacement H5 with Abe's of Maine because they have always dealt straight with me. I drilled the rep about their warranty and exchange policy. Phil told me that Abe's will exchange within 30 days and that for $125.00 I could have a 5 year warranty that is not at all associated with Sony.
    Cool. I order my replacement H5 on the spot.
    Why did I buy another H5 from Sony who so clearly demonstrated they don't deserve any customers?
    I have a few accessories for the H5 that I did not want to throw away and that is the only reason.
    The H5 is a good camera but man alive, if I knew this from the beginning I would have bought the Canon Powershot S3 instead.
    Well, with any luck at all I won't be buying anything from Sony again.


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