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Jul 6, 2006
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Sparks, Nevada
From Slashdot....

"Just 30 minutes after Whitney Houston died, Sony Music raised the price of Houston's greatest hits album, 'Ultimate Collection,' on iTunes and Amazon. Many technologists, including chairman of the NY Tech Meetup Andrew Rasiej, suggests that Sony should be boycotted for the move. In a tweet, Rasiej wrote, 'Geez Sony raised price on Whitney Houston's music 30 min after death was announced. #FAIL...We should boycott Sony.'"
I think we should Boycott SONY on all products.. just for their heavy handed business tactics! :) (except sensors!) :)
Through the years, Sony has done a number of things over the years worth boycotting:

Root-kit that installed when listing to a CD
Removing advertised features from a product after release
Storing unencrypted user data on PSN servers that were subsequently hacked

Raising the price on a product they sell when demand goes up, however insensitive it might be, isn't among them.
This is why Sony sucks.
This is why Sony sucks.

This is just one of MANY reasons Sony sucks...

Man....Whitney was dead for less than the play time on the album, and Sony execs had already jacked up the price on her best-of about bottom-feeders...

Anyway, Houston had been living on advances the record company had been giving her for several years, according to an article I read yesterday, and Dolly Parton stands to make a good deal of royalty money from songs she wrote and that Whitney recorded. This is probably Sony's way of recouping its losses from the advance money they gave to Houston.
Proprietary EVERYTHING
I'm surprised they haven't came up with a way to make their media only readable on their devices.

Wanna download those pictures off your Memory Stick - better buy a Vaio laptop. :lol:

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