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Jul 17, 2003
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1- this is a fabulous capture! eep! my only suggestion would be to crop off the boy on the left that is looking at you; he really detracts from the 'oneness' of the boy directly in front of you. i did a visual crop - if you take it just to the edge of the pew directly in front of his dangling foot, you keep a nice shadow line there and it gives a new sense of the vertical space with the little boy. nice shot.

2- i'm a huge fan of abstracts in other media, but in photography; dunno. i can't comment either way on this one b/c i'm admittedly biased in general. abstracts in photography tend to conjure up images from my past. this one brings forth an image of the mummer's parade in philly and that alone drives me batty :)

3- i like this. nice and simple. i assume it's a keyhole shot so moving a bit to your left would have been out of the question. the door on the right is a wee bit distracting. nicely seen and executed.

good stuff!

and im glad you made the effort because these photos are fabulous!
number 1 is captured so well.
number 3 is gorgeous and intriguing, i love the way youve played with the shadows.
number 2 reminds of an album cover from my favourite band, u2.
these are great shots.
welcome to the forum :)
fabulous shots ... number one im in awe.. i think the boy on the left adds to the photo .. it finishes it off ... number 2 ... im a huge abstract fan (although i havent done much) ... number 3 is just simply fabulous ... i love the perspective and the diversity of all three ..... i would also love to see more of your abstract work :D
1) probably one of the best pictures on this board. hands down. im thinking national geographic caliber.....awesome work.

2) very creative!

3) its spooky in a way. love thats its b+w!

I think #1 is fantastic but gotta agree with Motcon...the kid on the left has got to go.
#'s 2 & 3 are OK, they're just not my bag.
So what camera, exposure etc. were you using?
Good stuff overall!
Shot #1 Hasselblad w/ 50mm shot in Fiji, #2 and #3 Nikon Coolpix 995.
#1... damn. That's is a gem. very inspirational. :shock:

2 and 3 are excellent as well.
It took pictures like these to ellicit my first post on this board! I really enjoy checking out what everyone is posting on this forum, and there is some very nice stuff on here, but these! I think all three are incredible. Did you set up #1 or were you just shooting what was there? It's so great it almost seems like you posed the boy there. #2 I love because I'm really into that kinda stuff. And #3 is just so still and quite, and the blacks are really dark and great. It's mysterious while still being quite and peaceful.
Nice work!
Shot #1 was taken on a mentor series trip in Fiji...I walked about a mile from my hotel and found this village, I was invited in and just stumbled upon this shot. I just happened to be there. This fourm seems more focused on the composition of photography and thats why I like it.

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