Spider Close-up

Marc Kurth

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Feb 26, 2009
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Shot this image of a common spider on its web with a D70 and a basic Sigma 24-135mm zoom at 135mm f.4.5 and two remote flash heads.

Wow! Nice spider!
Really liking the angle on this shot - especailly with the repaired webbing showing!
Focus likes like it was a little far back,but the eyes are still in focus and its showing hte details and colours of the main body realle well. Lighting also looks good and soft as well.
OMG! That is one scary looking spider :O and it's a common spider too?
Great shot!
I certainly want to thank you all for the supportive comments - I do appreciate it.

I haven't owned a macro lens for about 20 years, but I used to love true 1:1 work. For financial reasons, I sold off all of my "good stuff" which has caused me to take on a challenge of seeing what I can get using cheap glass and my last remaining backup D200. It's actually forced me to slow down and think about each shot which is what I did with film.

For this shot, I used (2) old Vivitar El Cheapo's (not the 285's) and a beater Sigma zoom that everyone says is garbage. This was hand held because I don't have a tripod.

Could I do better with my old 200mm Micro? Sure, but that is not the point.
omg wow nice
I sincerely thank you all for the nice comments, but I really posted it to encourage folks to try and get the best images they can with the equipment they have.

I shot for a living years ago and spent more money on equipment than I want to admit. This one came from a lowly D70, a cheap ($200) Sigma zoom and some old manual flashes. Sure, with a bunch of expensive equipment we could all do better, but when I look back through my old files I'm finding that my best were sometimes taken with the least.....

Your mileage may vary and perhaps the best equipment is what you need- but I'm not on that treadmill so I'm just having fun now.
Lovely shot! Looking at those long segmented legs really give me the creeps!
Lovely shot! Looking at those long segmented legs really give me the creeps!

:lol: That's actually the most common comment that I got when the print was hanging large: "Ewwww - that's creepy!"



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