spiders and flies for C&C


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Oct 4, 2009
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i would love some opinions on these, because i don't really know how i feel about them, and im a little biased toward myself. so i would love some objective observations. love em hatem i don't really care as long as you tell me about it.




the above image is a crop of the below one
try not to leave out the spiders legs and the df's wings in #4. Just my opinion. :D
Stunning macros! Amazing how hairy insects and bugs are. What did you shoot them with?
untung- i agree with you but i can't change magnification easily enough to make those changes.

cahlean- i use a vintage nikon manual lens reversed on extension tubes. honestly you could pick up my rig for 50 bucks not including the flash.
untung- i agree with you but i can't change magnification easily enough to make those changes.

He is referring to your framing. Which has nothing to do with magnification.

Image #1 you have a lot of dead space at the top of the frame. Not always a bad thing. But you cut his feet off. Which is bad.

#2 is a good angle and dof. But again you cut just the tips off the front and back of the subject.

Im assuming #3 is a crop of #4.

#4 is really nice focus on the eyes and good perspective. But (again) you cut the wing tips and feet off. Maybe a little heavy on the saturation.

Youre on the right track. Just take a little more time when framing to take in the whole image from corner to corner. Unless you are trying to show just a subjects head or similar detail its best to get the whole insect in frame. :thumbup:
good tips! and thanks for commenting. i agree with you on the framing, but there is not all that much i could have done, except for number one, which i should have moved up. on the fly picture however, i was at my lowest mag, and my other gear was to far away to change in time before the fly flew away. Next time I'll try to be more flexible i guess. I should probably try higher mag, and framing just eyes, or lower mag with a non reversed lens, and crop a bit. Thanks for the help! i really need it

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