Split Roads, by night...

Very nice shots. I love the juxtaposition between the starry sky and the quite dingy foreground. Very surprised they haven't had any replies at all.
The second picture is fantastic! I find night photos super cool, unfortunately i don't have the greatest equipment to capture such beautiful shots like yours. Well done!
Nice photos! I particularly enjoy your "B-Side" photo. I wish my B-Sides looked like that lol
I like the “gradients” a lot in these. Not really a criticism so much as a statement, but if these photos were mine, I’d probably crop them a smidge tighter because to my eye, the details at the bottom are so close to the edge that they almost look like they’re about to fall out of the frame.
Number 2 has my vote, that grabbed my attention for a little while. I like it a lot, the sky looks great in both.

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