spontanious photo - my dad and niece


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Sep 18, 2007
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Macclesfield, Cheshire
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I took this photo last weekend while we were feeding the ducks :)

CC very muchly welcome =]

contrast is perfect in my book, good emotion shown, all around i like the picture and have nothing negative to say about it
A keeper, stick it in your Memories book. They both seem to be enjoying the day with the ducks.

The only nit pick I would give is that Dad is cut off at the knee. Try to stay above or below joints. I wouldn't crop closer because you would remove the swans' heads. If there is more to the original, have a look at expanding the bottom of the photo.
Thanks, Theres always something I cut off! I think my brain has trouble consentrating on it all at the same time! lol

Im going to print and frame this and give my dad and sister a copy each for christmas. Its one of the only photos where poppy isnt pulling a typical 5 year old silly face!

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