Sprague Avenue - Spokane, WA 2021

I have no idea what you said but the end result is very fine.
Thank you K9Kirk & Space Face. The top line stuff is film talk. To explain: 810 = 8x10 = the size of the sheet of film used. FP4, the type of film used, is a slow film manufactured by Ilford. PMK is the film developer used. MG Classic is the name of the Ilford paper on which the negative was printed and Ansco 103 is the name of the paper developer used. Se = selenium. Se toning confers archival protection to the print and imparts a slight color shift to the image. The milky appearance is owed to the sense of light in the scene. It is mainly the result of the moment given to me, i.e., unfiltered sunlight, and the fact that I exposed for the high values rather than the shadows. The particular camera I used is an 8x10 Deardorff. The lens was a 305mm Schneider Claron-G, and I used a deep yellow filter to knock down the value of the blue sky.

Thanks again. I'm glad you like the image.

N. Riley

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