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Nov 9, 2008
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Upstate New York
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Well, its just starting to (occasionally) be warm up here in NY, and I've finally been able to go outside without freezing. Here are some of my most recent photos that I've taken either at my house or on vacation last week in Cape Cod. Please, feel free to C&C, as I'm still fairly new and I'm always looking to progress. Enjoi:




Ehh, its just something I saw a long time ago and decided to play around with. Supposed to be kind of a joke even though its more being clever than funny :)
No C&C at all? Come on, I know theres gotta be things I could work on...
yeah in number 2 I would have pulled back a bit it just looks like 2 eggs from breakfast in hay, as opposed to bird eggs in a birds nest.

also, imo opinion number 3 is played out and would be more enjoyable showing the depth instead of lack their of..

the last two are bordering on being pretty boring subjects as well
my two cents.
I think one is good. I would be too scared to get that close to a bee. Number two is creative, took me a while to get the joke. I'm pretty neutral on number three. Number four just seems like I would see it on the wall at Red Lobster. It's not bad, but just seems played out. Also the blurry fence in the foreground is really distraction IMHO.
No C&C at all? Come on, I know theres gotta be things I could work on...

The forum's been pretty light on C&C lately for whatever reason. These look pretty good though. Looks warmer than Seattle has been.

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