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    I wanted to post some pictures I had that I've just been snapping to capture the moment, not stuff I had taken a picture of for it to be good quality. I will put a C&C thread up too on here when I'm done with this one.

    "Oh, shiny!"

    "I don't see the big deal about getting some tail"

    My dog is the white one, I love the hilarious look on her face. I'll probably crop it and print off that portion.

    My son while he was watching Elmo and laying by the dog.

    "This meal isn't very filling"

    "This? A fire? Really?"

    "Sorry Daddy, I can't look right now, I'm watching Elmo"

    "You caught me!" (taken while my wife was waiting for me to finish snapping some pics that will be on my other thread and had to take the son back to the car)


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