St Peters Cathedral


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Oct 2, 2007
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Shot I took, there were three weddings going on during that day. what do you think?

I like your idea for the first shot. I personally think you could compose this a little better, there is potentially a lot of interest you are missing in the arches; maybe not but this composition makes me want to see more of them. Also the building is underexposed and the overexposed cloud above, really detracts from the image.

I really want to see and experience the detail in the the masonry (if thats what it would be referred to as) and your not giving it to me.

I would go back and do a re-shoot, use a tripod and take multiple exposures, expose for the stone of the building and expose for the sky, and either use a HDR method to combine them or blend the correctly exposed sky into a well exposed cathedral.

Use an aperture that is going to give your lens maximum sharpness whilst maintaining the same or similar DOF that you have used in the original picture; as I think that works well. Sharpen carefully in PP and this will hopefully achieve the detail that I really want to see.

Thanks for your comments. I did a re-edit like you suggested, I am using the free program Gimp, which is similar to photoshop. I made another mask I think thats what I did then adjusted the levels, so the sky was light and the church was dark, I then selected the dark areas and then went back to the main image, I did manage to get some better detail in the church, and it looked great. However I couldn't find a good enough way to decrease the brightness in that white cloud which I agree puts me off a bit. Then when I looked closely, there was a thin green line all around the church. I have no idea how to prevent that.
Really like the angle on the first one, the detail is nice.

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