How long are you "experimenting" with B&W ? You seem to be all over the place without real concept of own style yet. "Black & White happened" has, IMO, poor tonal separation which causes me, as a viewer to lose sense of third dimension and subsequently sense of the shape of the subject. "Standstill" is on the other end, tones are weak, or rather "unsure" of themselves, which makes the picture just to gray or to monotonous. This was maybe not so easy subject at the moment in probably weak, morning light. And then we go to "Solitude". A composition, which could easily be of Adams or Weston. Good dynamic range from pure black to pure white. A lot of enticing details to hang eye on, this is a picture, which is not boring to look at. And has own spirit. Apart from few details like mentioned by Maria over sharpening (I don't know, I am a film photographer :1251:) and a bit to small dof to get the front plane details acceptably sharp, this is something to print large (small print will not do here) and hang on the wall.
So keep going, but with purpose. Try first to impress yourself before you do something to only impress us. Good luck.
Thank you very much Timor; i agree you are 100% right. Since i am a science teacher, i am not able to dedicate too much time to this another immensely vast science of photography... yet i have to keep in touch with this to satiate my affection and have to share with people to satiate my minuscule ego ;) so please bear with me and keep on giving valuable advice; it will help not only me, but many other who read them; thank you again :)
am a science teacher,
That's a good news. It means, that you have analytic and disciplined mind. That will help. Photography is a funny thing, first you look around with romantic eye, pick a subject, pick composition, all along the feelings you have in you, you create a vision. Then come technical questions and analysis how to make it work in a photograph. So you need both abilities working almost at the same time. Over the time it comes naturally.
There is one trick which can help in creative process. You have a picture you like, you worked on it for a while on the computer. Now print it, maybe 8x10 or 11x14, pin it to the wall in a good place and study it for couple of weeks. See, how it works for you and what changes you would do now. It is quite different from looking at the computer screen.

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