Stars in the night.


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Jul 9, 2010
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Boston MA/Columbus OH
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Ive been wanting to take some star shots for a long time now, but the problem is I live in a very light polluted area. So I went to a high up place with a hope, and to my surprise I could see the stars. It was taken with a 30 second shutter time, in between shots I would just look around, and it was really cool. Enjoying the simple things. So how'd I do? C&C at will ; )

Not bad not bad at all. Good job with the white balance. It is always attractive to have the moon in a picture or an interesting foreground.
its a cool picture, and if you enjoyed doing it try it with a much longer exposure to get some star trails. you will need an external shutter release with a shutter lockdown so that you can use the bulb setting
Nice! And be sure to post some of the star trails when you get them. I've yet to try any star shots, but it's been on my experiment list for awhile now.

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