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Oct 31, 2007
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my heart just sank a little.
It is really emotional to see him cleaning the stars at the Hollywood Blvd.
Since I moved here, I see him about 3-4 times a week doing that.

Today I saw him again and just needed to share this picture.

I wanted to talk to him, but honestly - I couldn't understand a word and I wasn't really sure he wasn't just talking to himself...

He still has his legs (you might not see that on this picture) but he just slowly moves (without using his legs) from star to star after finishing one...

I'm glad to see that I obviously captured the emotion that I experience every time I see him.

very powerful picture, certainly communicating the emotion that you felt...communicating to him is probably not that important, it's what's in your own heart that matters most. You've communicated intention here and that's good.
It does look as if he has no legs. Is that his job?

His legs are not really in use anymore...

I'm sure it's not his job, he just seems to be "in his own world", could be drunk , I wasn't so sure about it....

He and his "profession" are still a mystery to me...

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