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Jan 11, 2008
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My most recent project has been to improve my skills as a nature photographer, especially with regards to birds. I'm not using a DSLR, so this can be something of a challenge.

I've been trying to get perching shots of te blue jays which are commonly around my house, when I got this shot. I know the focus isn't perfect (as I said, I was going for perching shots) but I still thought it was an interesting photo, and I thought I'd share. I'd love any feedback (besides telling me it's slightly OOF).

I wasn't happy with the colour, so I put it to black and white.
The feet look awkward to me, but hey.. I'm a newb. I think this picture is beautiful though in all, esp. cause of the positioning of the wings and head. :)
It's an interesting texture. I don't see it as having much value as nature photography (in a broad sense), but as art, yeah, it's good. The branches offer a chaotic texture and the bird is going nuts, looks pretty cool. B&W was definitely a good choice.
The bird wasn't going nuts, rob, he was just taking off from the branch.

But thank you for the comments.
Interesting in b&w, as far as getting the shot you're looking for, I've found this website to have some good tips:

Most of the natural perches in my backyard end up being backlit, so I'm trying to make my own and get the birds more habituated to me being out there. Skittish little things aren't they?
They are - my other major project has been chickadees, who do seem a little more willing to entertain that nutcase with the silver thing in front of her face, or at least laugh at her. I think they might be in cahoots wiht the squirrel. Most of the blue jays, however, seem to think I'm going to steal their soul. I swear, they can hear me switching the camera on.

I've but up several feeders, and it is helping. Managed to get this shot today. Had to do a fair bit of post-processing to reduce the blue hues form the snow and cloudy skies.

One of my closest friend tells me that this looks like the lower bird is lecturing the higher one, while the higher one gives him the "You, sir, are a moron." look.

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