Storm Anvil colourexplosion.


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Jun 8, 2008
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Warwick QLD Australia
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A typical Darling Downs, Australian storm Anvil, more often than not I photograph the face of them with the syn behind me but n this case the storm was SW and instead i got the silhouette.

Wow. This shot is gorgeous! I think it may have just about every color in it. The way I see it, it has 3 parts, the storm upper left, the sunset upper right and the sunflowers on the bottom. Very good job at mixing elements, however I think that if you were trying to focus just on the storm, I would have recomposed the shot a bit because that isn't what my eye is drawn to right away.
Thankyou, Totally agree, as a weather photogrpaher I see the anvil first but understand it's not all about the storm, instead it's a part of the image.

I guess if this were hanging on a wall without any title etc, it's really about where the viewers eye is happy to settle, if at all lol
HDR would have been really nice here. I'm thinking the image as a whole needs a kick in exposure.

Great scene, composition could be improved surely.
I did try a bracketed set, there was too much movement with strong outflow winds from a storm to my SE moving the sunflowers otherwise I would probably have processed this image in photomatix.
I was so lured by its beauty and at the same time disturbed by a tilt, that i made some minor alterations; please don't take that badSo lovely a shot this is :thumbsup:Regards :D

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