STORM ~ The Ladder Drill


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Nov 1, 2018
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STORM ~ A standard poodle gun dog trainee is seen at remote sit on a training table whilst holding a training bird (bumper). STORM is expected to hold the bird gently until the verbal command "GIVE" is issued for him to release it in to my hand.


HOLD ~ The HOLD command is carried over from the training table as seen in the first image to yard work to be performed on the training grounds. Here, STORM is seen patiently waiting for me as commanded and executing hold on a canvas training bumper while I am setting up a ladder drill. STORM is purposely put at remote stay to build the patience that will be required of a competent gun dog.


The Ladder Drill ~ STORM is seen waiting in a mowed lane-way purposely created to promote straight lining by the gun dog trainee when sent to make a retrieve. As can be viewed, a series of training bumpers have been arranged at increasing distances from the line where STORM will be worked from. STORM will be sent repeatedly on retrieve until each bumper has been delivered to my hand. The ladder drill reinforces the mechanics of the retrieve, straight out and straight back and teaches the dog to extend to greater and greater distances upon command. Simultaneously, this drill is a great one for enhancing the trust the gun dog trainee places in the trainer / handler.


On Return ~ STORM is seen following the mowed lane whilst carrying a retrieved training bird as he returns back to myself . Clearly he has additional bumpers that he will be sent to retrieve until none remain to be picked up. The gun dog trainee realizes the co-benefit of cardiovascular conditioning during this drill.

A highly beneficial exercise, the ladder drill is great for building skills that are critical to all retrieving breeds.



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