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Nov 1, 2018
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New England
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~ Working The Cover ~ JACKSON is seen making the retrieve of a training bumper from a cover plot on the training grounds. This skill st is important when working upland birds during the hunting season.


~ Gentleman Jack ~ JACKSON is seen dutifully holding a bumper after having made a retrieve during a recent training session. He will await the command GIVE" and will gently deliver it into my hand.


~ TTF Jackson Lad O' Cloonfinish JH ~ Gun dog trainee JACKSON.

JACKSON will be entering his 2nd season afield as a gun dog. JACKSON'S training continues with excellent progress bing made and we hope to get him on lots of bird contacts during the upcoming gunning season. Steady to wing, shot, and fall, we are considering running him in an HRC Upland Hunter "Quad" (essentially 4 Upland Hunter stakes during one weekend). Should he qualify in all four stakes, JACKSON would have the opportunity to earn an HRC Upland Hunter title (UH) in one weekend. The event will be held on Long Island.

Mike ☘️
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I'm sure he'll continue to do very well.
I'm sure he'll continue to do very well.

Aye Mate,
He still has much to learn and is very enthusiastic. He should develop into a highly competent gun dog. His record for hunt test qualifying scores at this time is a very solid 4 for 5.

Mike ☘️

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