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Aug 31, 2004
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The night before last I dreamt about cheese and last night it was about buying a huge amount of light cigars and smoking them. I've no idea why.

Still, it's the 1st December. So I don't care as I get to eat the first chocolate in my three advent calendars. Or is it four? I can't remember. :eep:
Maybe we should invent an advent calendar filled with cheese....
p.s. I dreamt about my sister falling down the stairs and impailing her leg on a spike, the night before last. She was layin there moaning that she'd broken a nail!

I also dreampt that all my teeth were splitting in half a few nights back and I knew I was dreaming but couldn't wake myself up.

I always have the stupidest dreams...
Aren't teeth dreams meant to relate to something in your life you want to control but feel you have none over?
Something like that, I have teeth dreams all the time and my husband lives in America and I cant be with him 24/7 and so thats something I can't control, that and my financial shizzle and my life in general at the moment yeh, that would make sense.

I drempt I was sitting on a sofa once and the sofa was on this grave site and there was a patch of grass between the sofa and my TV and it was all like in my living room but still there were these graves. I was sitting on the sofa with someone having a conversation - I cant remember what the conversation was but at the time, when I woke up, I remembered every single word of it and it freaked me out so much I wrote it all down. I have no idea what i did with that piece of paper i wrote it on but that seems to have been the most bizarre of my dreams other than the one i had of a family member who shrivvelled up and died in my dream and then actual did die about a week later in RL. that was pretty screwed up.

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