Strawberry Farms Country Wedding


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Jul 3, 2009
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Fort Collins, CO
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I shot a country-themed wedding at Strawberry Farms Country Club here in Orange County, California. Strawberry Farms Wedding ‹ Orange County Wedding Photographer – Los Angeles Wedding Photography – Southern California Wedding Photographers – Sean Lara Photography

Enjoy! As always, questions and comments are always welcomed.








I love them! The theme is really cute, too. I haven't really seen a "country wedding" done in this way before, I like it. Seems original. I really like the presentation of the images, it tells the story. Not sure how relevant that is, but I figured I'd throw that out there, lol.
I'm looking on my laptop, so I my colour may be off, but they all seem a little yellow. Even the outside shots seem to have a yellow cast. Is that intentional? I like the processing on the BW service shot. It doesn't seem to work as well on the close up shot of the couple. The groom must be a bit of a jokester with those red sneakers. :)
Images are good. Love the wide angle of ceremony. Too bad for the red shoes. They'll look back 25 years from now and wonder what they were thinking...
Pretty consistent color across all these, but I'd love to see a bit more magenta introduced to cut that yellow/green influence. I really like the ultra-wide shot of the two of them in front of the barn in collage #8. The oddest thing about the whole wedding is the menu--barbequed chicken AND baked beans??? about MESSY foods to eat in fine clothes!!! Let me guess-- HER family runs a dry cleaning business in town!@!@!
Thanks for the info guys. And yeah that yellowish tinge is intentional, I usually shoot with a very warm WB, but it doesn't seem to yellow on my monitor (27" macc). As far as the shoes go, I think it was an awesome idea and have seen multiple clients wear converse, it's different from the normal, boring stuff. I definitely will be getting leather ones for my wedding lol.
Great photos. I am not sure if the fisheye lens really fits though, especially for a wedding. Maybe a wide angle lens or a super wide. But that's just my opinion.
So cute. I love it :3
Am I the only one seeing them as very orangey? More than just warm toned for summer look.
Nice job man. You should really post these on the pro forum. A couple things that bothers me are these 2 things:
1. Sometimes your white is really white, sometimes it is more cream. I would pick one and be consistent. Some of these shifts also happen in the same lighting condition. For example the white trim on 3 is cream, and on 4 is white.
2. Not digging the black and white surrounded with color collages. Either make the black and white bigger and fit the whole width or make them all in color (i know one of it is IR photo).

But overall I think you did awesome.
These are amazing! I wish I could do this! Makes me just want to take pictures all day! so amazing

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