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May 10, 2013
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Actually, I like #4 the best. Can't even tell you why.

Therefore in descending order;

After thinking about it more, #4 has that voyeurism that is so much appreciated in street photography, but without totally invading the subject's space. We see instead a person's life on a keychain. All the bits and bobs that unlock the person's most personal space, and here they are out for all to ogle.

Then the leading lines all seem to point to the keys as if we could overlook them.

The balance is terrific; with the bulk of the jacket balancing nicely with the shiny details of the keys.

Technically, the shot is very well done; exposure, frame, and focus are all good.
Thank you very much for your C&C.
Your insight on #4 was great..
I couldn't put my finger on why I liked and picked it from the "pool", thats why I was being dismissive
#4 has been nominated for POTM, October, 2015
It is an honor!
Thank you
I did a re-edit on #2 to eliminate some distructions I missed earlier and to enhance the boy's reflection. I think it looks better now.View attachment 109268
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