1. nerwin

    Loved this dog

    I went grocery shopping and I noticed this dog hanging out in front seat of an old 80s camper. I wish I had my camera with me but I had my phone. I just loved the way the dog was looking at me haha. I like adding a bit of grain to my phone images to make it more filmic 🙃
  2. IMG_4174 (2).jpg

    IMG_4174 (2).jpg

  3. R

    recomendations for my first camera system: D7200 vs A7 II in 2019

    Hi guys, So, I've spent the last months look into the photography world and trying to decide what to buy as my first "grown-up" camera. I've been shooting and developing my skills with a "capable" Sony compact for the last six years, and I feel like I reached a point in which I really want to...
  4. sarahjanephotographie


    Candid photo from a pride parade last year. Backstory: Happened to be in the city while Pride was going on and a few friends and I had plans to meet up at a restaurant that happened to be in the middle of where the parade was taking place. I decided to take my camera with me just in case and...
  5. Fujidave

    Suits you

    Suits you Sir, taken with the Ricoh GRII. Suits you Sir by Dave, on Flickr
  6. Fujidave

    Best Street camera GRII

    IMO I think the Ricoh GRII is the best in your face street camera made, you can be so blatant and folk don`t even know your shooting them. Delivery by Dave, on Flickr
  7. M

    Walking down San Antonio

    I enjoy walking and photography a lot of times I see a lot of homeless people and I speak to them and they allow me to take there pictures I've noticed they aren't mad or don't enjoy me taking there picture they seem to just want someone to talk to.
  8. M

    Walking the Street's.

    Taken with a Sony A6000, with a 50mm
  9. D7K

    Take Me Home

    A grandpa waiting for the journey home to resume. D850 / 70mm / f/5.6 Processed in LR & PS - Little D&B on the wheels and track.. Cropped a fair bit..
  10. R

    Ice cream and feeding pigeons

    Hi all, I have long been interested in street photography and attempting to catch "that" moment. I particularly like the following pic. It says a lot to me, something I try to make happen in my photos. This little girl had just polished off a chocolate ice-cream, run back to her parents and...
  11. [No title]

    [No title]

  12. [No title]

    [No title]

  13. behindslr

    Street life of the Slavonski Brod

    Hello this day i have lot of time to take pic and travel,this is some of pic taken at my hometown street. There is to much to write and show. My story about street life
  14. G

    One more lens

    I currently own a Nikon d7200 camera and 18x300 mm zoom lens. I am looking for one prime lens. Most of my work is landscape photography. However, I also do a lot of street photography. I am not into portraits. Do any of you own a single prime lens that you use for landscape and street...
  15. aubes

    Hello !

    So i'm not very confident about presenting myself and my work. I'm a french guy who love to travel and doing its best to catch the beauty of this world. I'm not most technical guy you'll met, neither the most original, but i'm always passionated. I'm a Nikon guy (for about 8 years) now...
  16. G


    Couple photos from a trip last summer. NYC NYC NYC
  17. G

    Any feedback appreciated

    Been using my D3100 for a few years now and just trying to continue to expand my photography. Any feedback is appreciated :)
  18. D

    Street Life - Chiang Mai

  19. M

    Any advice?

    So I've loved photography all my life and recently I started getting into it again. The picture included was made in Barcelona about a month ago, but do you guys have any tips on how to make my photo's better?
  20. B

    Looking for a new (old) camera for Landscapes and Travel

    Hi everyone, I've been putting a lot of thought into buying a new camera over the past couple of months. Currently I own a Canon 60D which serves me well, but its bulkiness and weight make it a pain to bring along on trips, especially when hiking. I also have access to film SLRs that I use...