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    From a kart race in the city streets.. Suspense by JC Kars, on Flickr Thoughts welcomed :)
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    Tiny world of a music band

    This photo reminds my of the tiny world-type photos, hence the title of the thread. The music band get's ready to play on the street for yesterday's festivities in Greece. Untitled by JC Kars, on Flickr
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    Square format, does it work?

    I've picked a couple of photos from my yesterday's walk that I've tried them with landscape and portrait formats, but I felt there was something wrong.. something wasn't there in the photo from the scene I initially saw. It is likely that I just didn't capture the photo good enough :P Anyhow...
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    A few more street photos

    I've picked a few more photos of my last walk with the camera. I'd love to hear your point of view. The right and wrong doings. This time in PP I was a bit more aggressive in coloring.. At any case if you think it didn't turn out good please say.. 1. Skateboard by JC Kars, on Flickr 2. The...
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    Street photos for C&C

    Just a few street photos for C&C. It would be nice if you also tell me your fave of them. 1. The masks we wear by JC Kars, on Flickr 2. Untitled by JC Kars, on Flickr 3, Destination by JC Kars, on Flickr 4. Untitled by JC Kars, on Flickr I'm not sure if the last one is a keeper. I think...
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    Dense fog engulfs Patra

    I know is nothing special as a photo.. but I was amazed by the phenomenon that never occurs to that extent on our area. Before I left for work I grabbed my camera for a couple of quick shots. Dense fog engulfs Patra by JC Kars, on Flickr I could only see one street away.. It was a WOW moment!