strobofame and cord for nikon d50?


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Dec 8, 2007
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this might be a stupid question but its one that i dont have the answer for so ill ask. i am in desperate need of a stroboframe and all the attachments to make it work on my d50 with a quantaray qf30 flash. i know these are very low priced pieces of equipment but my pockets cant stand the higher end products right now. is this even a possibility to make these products work? if so, anyone that could point me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. i am very green to this forum thing so please bear with me on the stupid questions. thanks!
Is it a dedicated flash?? the way to know this if you don't know how is to look on the bttom of it and see how many pins there are on the flash to make contact with the flash. Single pin means non-dedicated and all you need is a synch cord and some kind of hot-shoe adapter to get a synch cord attached to your camera. Multi pin first you need to make sure it is Nikon dedicated then you can get the right cord and Stroboframe.

mabye something like this.......

and this......
thanks a ton! i thought that the sc-29 cord and the bracket was all that i needed but i wasnt very sure. the quantaray flash is "dedicated" (although i had no clue that was what it was called) so i guess it was as simple as i thought. i have done two weddings in the past year or so for friends and one was inside and lighting was difficult with the flash attached to the camera. I have another one scheduled in May and it is also in doors. this helps a great deal...thanks again!

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