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May 14, 2007
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When I think of people complaining about old age or illnesses and often at a young age I always remember a friend of my parents.

He had 3 major heart attacks in his mid 60s and died on the operating table twice and was brought back to life.

I last ran into him coming out of the drivers license office with a renewal that he had passed. He was 91. He still plays golf and is upset if his score is not under 100.

To quote him: "I am too ornery to die."

One of our illustrious publishers is 96 and she still shoots the cover of our Valley section every week. I believe she will out live all of us. On the other hand I just lost a dear friend. He survived 3 major surgeries and god knows how many "near death" experiences. Strangely he met his demise when he was run over by his own truck while hunting. Also lost my brother in a freak (?) accident. Kiss your loved ones and understand that life is very precious and fragile.

"The secret of life is there ain't no secret and you don't get your money back"

Love & Bass

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