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Feb 28, 2009
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Hi, let me begin by saying I have been doing photography for over 13+ years; but have not thought about making it a profession till now. I would like to set up a small studio at home, but I would like some advice of the best equipment I should look into purchasing and what all I would need to complete my small studio.
I don't mean to be too harsh, but I'm not sure it's a good idea to go professional if you can't answer that question yourself ;-)
photoish, dont listen to digital.. studio photography is totally different than non studio photography..

photoish.. we need a little more information... whats your budget, and what will you be shooting in studio?
i got my studio lights on ebay for about $150 for a set of 2, just make sure that they are about 5500k for day light color, here are some photos i took using the lights


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Chris burke - - thank you... i am looking to spend a rough estimate of $2,500.00 i would like something decent and i know a few photographers have a preference for what types of brands are better, but I would like something good and reasonable...

thanks you for your reply and help...
Check out the Strobist blog


It's mostly about lighting with handheld flashes, to make the most of their versatility. The lighting 101 section is especially helpful to beginners like me, i've been reading through it over the past few days
The new Elinchrom BRxi kits look nice. Get a nice big softbox (like the Octabox) a few backgrounds, reflectors, lighting modifiers like snoots and grids can help. A gobo helps you prevent light going where you don't want it.... the list is endless ;)
with a budget that high, i would be looking at the Elinchroms... as EOS suggested the BRki kit looks nice..

they also have a few packages on their site that look decent.. i'm having a hard time navigating their site.. man i hate sites like that... but they have the D-Lite 2 To Go Set and 4 To Go Set which both look decent... but i cant tell you the price, as I dont see the price on the site...

i think THIS link will show you some elinchorm packages, and their prices.. they all seem to be in or around your price range
An amazing deal is the Style 600RX two light kit on b&h

It's two Style 600RX 600w/s monolights with a transmitter and receiver for $1600 and change. No stands or anything, but if you look on B&H they're selling $1000 a piece for individual lights. The transmitters let you adjust the strobes remotely as well as fire them.

Elinchrom | Digital Style Combo 600RX Two Monolight | EL 20728.2
I would like to thank you all for helping me out... I will look into all these sites and info you have provided....

Much appreciated....:D
Alien Bees!

I love mine.
2 AB800
1 ABR800
1 Beauty Dish
Brollies and soft boxes
Poor Wizards 4 lyfe!

Look into some Paul C Buff 10000s to learn on

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