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Oct 20, 2008
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I am looking into purchasing a studio light kit (after I sell my lens). I am looking at either the Alien Bee Beginner kit or Strobist. Any tip/advice on this?
I'd also consider Elinchrom D-lites.

As for whether to go with studio lights or a Strobist need to consider how you want to work. Either way can work but there are pros & cons. The biggest factor, to me, is portability and power. The Strobist method is very portable and you run on AA batteries so you can set up just about anywhere. Studio strobes need to be plugged in. You could use a large battery pack but typically you use them where you can plug into AC power.
Is this for a home studio or for a on-location lighting setup?

For a home studio I think studio strobes or constant lighting setup might be a better choice.

For on-location shoots a strobist setup might be better unless you don't mind lugging around studio strobes/constant lights, battery packs and cables.
I second D-Lites. The D-Lite 2's would be the cheapest and you get 2 x 200 watt strobe, 2 decent sized softboxes, 2 stands, and sync chords, oh and they provide the first set of replacement bulbs. Next up from there is D-Lite 4, everything I just mentioned except the two strobes are 400 watts each.

Keep in mind that depending on your camera you will have to buy wireless triggers, the best suited for Elinchrom is obviously the Elinchrom EL-Skyport, but industry standard is Pocket Wizard. I've heard that Pocket Wizards will last 10 years where as the EL-Skyports more like 2.

Risregard the triggers If the 50D has ports the 40 prob. did
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The strobist starving student sounds more of reasonable price for me. It will be indoors, but I would love to have a great portability if I need to set up in someone else's house.

Thanks for the tips!

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