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Oct 17, 2010
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Hey guys this is my first post. I'm a nb into photography. Here's some new lighting setup I was trying to accomplish last night. Anyway, I've been into photography for about three months now and I love it. Let me know what do you guys C&c are welcome


Here's the 2nd batch today



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I like the black background.
Lighting isn't bad but needs minor adjustments- seems took harsh (perhaps you shot bare-flash). Use a shoot through umbrella (they are cheaper then reflective ones :) ) OR just move the light further back.
Otherwise, nice job
Very nicely done. I don't see the lighting as being harsh, but it could be a little more diffuse. The umbrella suggestion is a good one. I would suggest turning down your key light slightly and perhaps adding a hair light.
I agree, I think the light could of went back a little bit. But I had like a 15'x15' of room to work with. That's as far back I can go with. I was thinking of adding a third light, but thats just too much work to deal with in that crowded space. I used a 30x30 soft box with a strip light for the back lighting. I wanna get a bigger soft box in the future. Which I'm hoping it would turn out better next time. I'm getting all of my garage studio equipment this Friday, so it should be fun not having limited resources to work with. Also getting a ring flash by Alien Bees, which I'm pumped about. Can't wait. I'll try to get more shots. Until next time, let's put a smile on that face.
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