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Jan 5, 2006
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Newly updated list-Many different items and lots more that’s not listed yet.
Leica M7 Black body ,less than 20 rolls shot, LN in original box, papers: $2,300

Nikon F100 kit, body + grip, both mint in boxes. $375
NPC Polaroid back for F100's , mint, $250
All 3 pieces for $600

Gitzo 5 series Tripod Tele Studex G507
performance model(legs spread wide) each leg has 4 sections.
About 61" to base, 71" extended
Geared center column(can be swapped for rapid)
12 lbs. 22" folded up.
Very heavy duty
Asking $350

Arri Fresnel hotlights.
3-650 PLUS with bulbs + barndoors. $325 each
Polaroid Sprintscan 4000 scsi $150
Several tripod heads Gitzo + slick
New + used slide trays
Darkroom stuff.
Leica Focomat 2 C , very late with Focotar 2 lenses + Ilford 500 Multigrade head.
Many extra's. $3,500
Stainless tanks, 35mm, 120 reels, stainless graduates
11x14 Saunders 4 way easel $75
Time-o-light timers-exc $25 each
Trays, 16x20/11x14/8x10/5x7
Safelights Thomas $100, Kodak 9x12 $25 each
Large darkroom sink, about 8' long-super well made, will fit 20x24 trays $150
Smaller, all stainless sink, with recessed bowl $75
Backflow valve $50
Ilford 1050 High-speed print dryer, will do 16x 20's-$200
Jobo, high-speed rc print dryer for 8x10's, $75
Darkroom fan-high velocity-light proof $100
Moonscape set-was custom built-2 -4' x6'-Fiberglass craters and all $150
4 Background wooden panels-4x8 '-hand painted mottled grey $25 each.
Comfy office chair on wheels $40
2 draw lateral file, legal size, heavy duty- 4' long $50
Also, misc wood, ladders, file cabinets and other furniture available too.

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