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Jul 2, 2003
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I have a stupid (but important) question. On a roll of film is the first frame the first person you photograph, or does it go backwards? I don't guess I have ever paid any attention to my other rolls because they didn't matter.
Any help would be great!!
My friends Canon winds all of the film out of the can first and then your first shot is kind of at the end of the film, but with my OM-1 the first shot is on the first bit of film that comes out of the can!

hope this makes sense!
It depends on the camera. With most cameras, your first frame is next to the film leader when it was loaded. Some of your earlier Fujifilm p/s cameras wound the film to the last frame when loaded and advanced the other way.
I have two cameras a canon EOS10 and an EOS300.

The 300 winds the entire roll on first then proceeds backwards down to frame 1, while the 10 starts at the bottom and works forwards.

The easiest way to tell is the noise it makes... if when you load the film it makes a short zip noise then it starts at the first frame (alternatively it makes a heap of noise, and takes some time when the film is rewinding). Vice Versa for the other method.
Thanks everyone! So maybe it wasn't quite that stupid if every camera is different. I'll listen to the noise it makes and maybe even do a test roll! I have to do cheerleading pictures and need to know who's in the picture so I can mail them their portraits.
Thanks again everyone!

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