Sturtevant Falls


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Mar 20, 2009
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Orange County, CA
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I posted this over at DPreview but thought I'd share it here as well.

Couple shots of Sturtevant Falls in Pasadena, CA over the weekend. CC are welcome.

Thanks for looking!




Here's the link to DPreview post: Sturtevant Falls : Landscape & Travel Photography Forum: Digital Photography Review
I personally like what you tried to do with the landscape format in picture 2. The foreground is so much stronger to the overall image, yet your eyes are are still drawn to the fall and those wonderful wet rocks. If only you could have composed the picture to include the top of the falls, it would have been that much stronger.
Always great to see local scenary :) Nice place and beautiful images. Now I want to go and hike there even more!
I also prefer #2 as it is much better organized than #1 imo. I think the top 1/3 of #1 is too bright and taking away from the most attractive parts of the image. If it were me, I'd probably work on the colors a bit. You have some very strong greens in there, but the color of the rocks doesn't appeal to me.

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