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    Hello All...

    I am fairly new to the process of submitting my work to magazines...I'm interested in submitting a couple of fashion stories to some of the music and young adult fashion magazines....but do not know where to begin. Just a couple of questions I would like to ask...

    1.what is generally the expected pay for submissions? do I receive credit? and am I obligated to list/credit hair,make-up and wardrobe stylists?

    3.who do I contact to submit my work?

    4. is there a certain type of presentation these people look for in selling your work?

    thanks for all your help...

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    If it is stock works that you have already created, you may not have any luck. Publications that you are referring to usually have an idea or theme of story planned out well in advance and planned out as to who they will use for set, make up, photography, etc. You may want to contact on of the publications you are interested in and ask some questions. You will find that most people can't get out of the way of there own ego and answer any thing you want to know if you ask the question right. For images you have already created, you may want to do an internet search on "stock photography".
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    All publications have their own "House Style". Buy the mag. Learn what they want from their images. Work on reproducing that syle and content (Theirs' not yours'). Once you get good at doing it . contact their receptionist. Find out who does what ( Is there a picture editor? features editor. How far ahead are they planning? etc etc). then contact these people by name and discuss their requirements with them (Theirs. NOT yours). Make a few submissions along the lines of what they require. paper your walls with rejection slips (if they reply). And keep doing it. They have their own prefered photographers, and use them.. When , one day one of them drops the ball they will be looking for someone who can save their bacon. NOT a first time submission. But someone who knows what they want, how to provide it, and will keep providing it on a reliable basis. that is when they will contact one of the fifty or so regular contributors who are being watched..... so you have already reduced the odds from 3 or 4 Billion to one (those who want to) to fifty to one (those who have proven that they can). if you are lucky enough to be chosen .... the rest could be history one day.....

    But it is hard graft.

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