Summer adventures

Good shots overall I think. Nice action, good framing. I think your B&W conversions might be a bit too "gray" overall, especially to convey bright summertime lighting. My suggestion would be to lighten up the shadows, but then add a bit of contrast and clarity, and then carefully set a good black point that will make the B&W frames have some "snap!". I think the second frame, with the boy leaping off the rope swing and the people in the boat watching him would be really nice seen BIG.
Thanks Derrel, I'll go work on it and try your advice.
I think 1,3 and 4 are OK shots but #2 is just a terrific one.
The boy hanging in mid-air and the slightly OOF people below waiting for the descent and splash - perfectly caught.
Depending on the color it might really be as good or even better in color but the BW is very nice.
The sky is a bit too grey for my taste but the underlying image is a portfolio shot.
Thanks. Here's the color one. Still trying to figure Light room out and get it looking right.

Pond trip 7-13 (1 of 1) by ogrefcf, on Flickr

And another o at the B&W

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I like both of them and wish I had taken them.


Love the crop and colors. Thanks Lew! Was that done in Light room? I have my editing work cut out for me.
I'm glad you like the suggested changes.
No, sorry, done in PS because I'm not comfortable enough in LR all the time and I like to try things out and then redo.
That's easier with layers.
The color may be over warm but I tried to get the spirit of a Norman Rockwell kind of painting.
I lightened the boy's back to get a bit more detail.

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