Summer sports 2

LOVE the shot of the quarterback being hauled down by the jersey! So awkward, and yet so poetic. Love the body positioning. The neck sweat ring on the QB's jersey adds a lot. The close-in shot of the swimmer's hands hitting the water, with the reflection and the faint splashing...fantastic timing.
Thanks. With all the swimming i've shot I never thought of even trying to get a shot of the hands hitting the water, I'm not sure why it suddenly hit me to try. I lucked out on that one as I only had a few opportunities to try.

The QB one, honestly I love the shot for a couple of reasons, the fact that there are no faces, goes against a lot of what people say about photos without faces don't work, the other reason it just worked.
summer is almost over .............. :apologetic:
Another nice set, some really good stuff. I like the one of the purple light trails too.

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