Sunset over Houses. C&C please!


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Aug 19, 2010
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I know it isn't really good, as I don't have a good camera. Just say what you think.

And here is a pic of me and my camera..

It's not the camera that takes the photos. It's the photographer. Same as my kitchen stove doesn't do the cooking. It needs to be me to do the cooking!

So it is not good to defend one's work with the words "Sorry, no good camera". Same as it is not good to say to a photographer who had the chance and resources to advance his/her equipment "Wow, no wonder your photos are so good, with that camera of yours!"

So a badly composed photo, or a technically unsound photo, is not the camera's fault. The fact that your first one here is leaning to the left, the fact there there are ever so many (unnecessary and distracting) blurred blades of grass in the immediate foreground, and the fact that you get camera shake is not your camera's fault. YOU decided to take the photo LIKE THIS (else you wouldn't have taken it), and you must have done so for a reason!?!?!?
Is it because you wanted to take a night photo and don't have a tripod? So you rested your camera on the ground, in the grass?
A legitimate reason - but when the photo doesn't come out in the way you had hoped it would, the next step must start: you must decide if you really want to make a photo public that even you yourself feel does not quite meet the standard.

You asked for us to just say what we think, and that's what I think: you need to carefully choose what work you really want to show around, and to my mind it should be what you feel is worth it.
LF is spot on. Take her advice and your shots are gonna go up a couple of notches almost immediately.

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