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Dec 29, 2015
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What do you think about this photo.I got it when I was outside with my friends.It's an awsome sunset in my opinion.No photoshop, no editing,just a clean photo.


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I'm sure you saw a great sunset, but it's different when you want to capture it with a camera.
It'll sound harsh but photographically speaking these have no value at all. Bunch of blown out pixels, no sense of composition and bunch of other faults

...of course, keep learning, practicing and shooting, you'll get somewhere :)
i kind of like the fist one, not the greatest photo, but there is something kind of cool about it. the second one i dont really care for..

when doing a sun set i dont think i would zoom in or crop so much, i prefer to see more of the sky and surroundings.
I agree with mmaria - we may be a bit harsh, but we are honest. One of the aspects of photographing sunsets is to catch clouds with all the colours of the sunset and not just a large, blown out part of the sky. You might want to Google "Sunset photography" and review some of the pages that come up as well as some of the images that are to be found on the pictures associated with the search. I would also encourage you to keep on shooting as practice is essential to growing as a photographer.


P.S. You might want to take a look at the pictures under the "Maui Sunset" posting as an example of some good sunsets.
Thank you all for the feedback.I'm still a begginer so I don't know much about photography.Thanks for teaching me how should I do the photo. :1247::1247:

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