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Super beginner, test shots and need really basic help


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Mar 14, 2009
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New Jersey
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I'm on my phone so I can't upload the raw photos via photobucket, but for the moment I'll link you to my facebook album. The photos were taken by my boyfriend and I and were done almost purely to see how the pictures would turn out in our inexperienced hands, based on what we speed learned through the manual for my camera. I use a Canon AT-1 and was using Kodak 200 35 mm color print film. ( I am pretty sure this was not the ideal film for the pictures I was taking, all of my pictures were darkish, and looked like the colors were either really desaturated and gray, or washed in green and yellows. I know I still have a lot to learn when it comes to exposure too...so I have no idea if its a combination of my lack of skill or mostly the film. The story behind the pictures...I needed to take 24 shots to see if the camera worked, so we goofed around while eating out and at home and then developed them the next day.

About the Camera. Was my dads but he passed away 2 years ago and I decided to keep. It had been non-functioning/in need of repair for at least 10 years. I got it repaired this month.

About my experience: I took a photography class in high school, about 4 years ago. We learned the basics and developed the film in class. Loved it. Then I got a digital camera about a year ago, took tons of pictures with that until it died. So right now its the AT-1.

Here's the link, the majority of the photos were altered (auto contrast and auto color) so they didn't look so bland. They were developed at CVS 1 hour, because I'm definitely a newbie.

Shannon Bowley's Photos - Canon AT-1 Test Shots :D | Facebook
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