Supermoon Flyby


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Nov 28, 2011
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So last night despite not having gear that would handle taking a half decent shot of the blood moon nor the patience to set up the tripod etc... I pointed my camera handheld at the super moon and got lucky! I had just started shooting and heard this plane then saw the flashing lights, I held my breath, crossed my fingers and took a few shots...

IMG_9531-1 by Judi, on Flickr
Nice shot and lucky you. Imagine had the airplane flown right in front of the moon.

Thanks Dave! Ha! I JUST wrote the same thing to someone about this shot lol! If it had gone across the moon.... oh boy that woulda been sooooooo cool and a neat nod to ET!
Nice !
Lucky you, I had full overcast...
Thanks you two :)
We had clouds off and on, when the moon was behind them it was making this cool aura that went from blue to rust colours, it would have been quite .... boring otherwise for me photography wise but the eclipse was a treat for the eye. The plane was definitely the icing on the cake!
That is really good for hand held! :)
I like it, we had a nice clear night but I'm not real good at this type of shot so I just watched most of it. Saw a small meteor while watching, that was kind of cool but couldn't get a shot of it.
Thanks guys :)
Gallagher, once in a while I do enjoy trying to hold the camera still as opposed to moving it just to make sure I can still do it lol ;)

Bill, I took a bunch of shots and really didn't get much other than a couple cool cloud shots :)

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