Surprise Surprise


Mar 2, 2005
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Washington State
So, new experience: who new getting into a bar at the age of 17 in the US could be so easy? Never carded me or even raised an eyebrow. Freakin' sweet =)
uhh... Rob do you remember our London by night trip to the pubs? hahaha
Rob said:
You naughty boy. Wouldn't have caught me drinking at 17. Much.


lol, actually I was there to see my friend's band and hang out with him and his friends, and I didn't drink. I don't mind drinking much, but I only do it at home and only ocassionally. And I'm not a real big fan of getting all. lol
See.... if you were in australia you'd be able to drink when you're 18 so it'd be even easier for you to get into bars when you're 17. ;-) not that I condone that at all.

This is the first friday night since I moved to brisbane that I haven't had a drink! :cheer: hehhehe but it's also the first day in about a week that I haven't had a drink. :-( hmmm... i think this house is having a bad influence on me.!!!! eeeeek.

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