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Aug 16, 2010
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A couple of geese on the way out of the picture. I like putting a minor twist to old conventions. In this case the geese would always be on their way into the picture if it was to be conventional. I sat around and waited for this to happen for a long time. Actually this is couple number three. The other two was on their way in the other direction.


  • Canon 40D
  • Canon 17-85mm f/4-5.6
I very much like the somewhat dark mood you created here --really unusual for geese photos. I enjoy viewing photos that break the conventions, and what you did here works... horizontally --there's something about the vertical placement of the geese that's not working for me... I'm not sure what to suggest to improve it, though...
I think they are to high up in the frame.

I love what you captured in the gnarled trees.

Cropping the image nearly in half, just below the geese's reflections, creates a rather interesting "pano" image that becomes fairly abstract, with interesting repetitions, and the geese to break it.
hey thanks guys.

actually i would crop it so there was even less stuff in the top of the image if I've had more pixels to work with. My 40D does a great job, but it is only 10mp.

and yes the moodyness actually surprised me a bit when I came home with it. The liveview really didn't do it justice. heheh

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