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Nov 1, 2018
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New England
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~ Swiftly Flows The River ~

Waters rush by
So too, the hours, days, months and years
We travel the banks, seemingly solid
Eroding sediments are carried off
Our eyes seldom taking notice
That which slowly slips away at our feet
An illusion o' time measured
Cherished moments lived
Bring joy to our hearts
Fear o' the unknown
Softened by the ebb and flow
Beloved lives we treasure
Rush on by
Hours, days, months, and years
The passing o' time
Constantly flows with seeming disregard
Memories are made
They will sustain us
When swift waters carry off beloved lives we treasure
Take joy in making memories
Swiftly flows the river
So too, our tears
When beloved lives we treasure
Rush on by

~ Irishwhistler ☘️ ~
* Me beloved gun dog HRCH UH TTF CRAIGHORN KIFFIN TRAD SH will turn seven years old on 8/30/20. Seems like just yesterday that he was a wee pup arriving at me home after a long journey from Kansas. I treasure every day I share with him and dread the inevitable time that all o' we that choose to live our lives with dogs know will one day come. If only we could slow that swiftly flowing river . . .

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Looks as happy as a pig in muck there mate.
.................................I hope you celebrated with a drop of the real stuff - Scotch:p
.................................I hope you celebrated with a drop of the real stuff - Scotch:p

A good friend asked me to stop by his home this afternoon. H welcomed me by opening a bottle of 12 year old single malt Scotch. T'was indeed quite nice.

Mike ☘️
Ah, Dufftowns finest. An area I know well. The wife comes from near there and her cousins husband works in the still there.

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