~ TWELVE STRAIGHT ~ (Warning Graphic Images)


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Nov 1, 2018
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Aye Mates,
There has been something quite special about this retriever known as MAC from the very start. Perhaps it is because we had no intention of keeping a pup out of this breeding o' me sire HRCH UH TTF CRAIGHORN KIFFIN TRAD MH to a dam owned by my dear friends Mike and Kari. Mike was a longtime veterinarian and Kari, an attorney with a gift for the convincing argument that likely made me take pause to consider the pup.


~ Wee MAC And The Dog Whistler ~ An endearing pup he was, and tugging at our hearts from early on. Our friend Kari keep hinting that we really needed to consider keeping this pup. a wise lass that Kari. She kept the pressure on, and we gave into her convincing ways, and we are so glad we did.


~ Bold And Precocious ~ Early introduction to birds with MAC determined he had a particularly strong affinity for the chase o' feathers. His prey drive was destined by the traits passed along to him via the selective genetics inherited from a grand bloodline.


~ Early Introduction ~ Schooled early on by The Dog Whistler, wee MAC was brought along on the joys o' water, mud, birds, feathers, decoys, duck calls, and gunfire. Socialized to other dogs and people during the critical window, MAC was being gifted all that would avail him the opportunity to become an outstanding gun dog prospect. In return, MAC demonstrated grand focus for a young pup.

Fast forward, MAC is now two and one half years old with a couple o' seasons afield and many birds behind him, both upland and waterfowl. MAC was steady to wing, shot, and fall at 10 months and has been brought up working in both HRC and AKC hunt tests to keep him sharp for the real deal - birds afield. As of this past weekend, MAC has gone 12 for 12 in qualifying in hunt test events entered in, those being a combination of HRC and AKC events. MAC currently has earned an HRC Started Hunting Retriever title (SHR), an AKC Junior Hunter title (JH), and most recently, an AKC Senior Hunter title (SH). MAC has a strong work ethic, is very focused, loves birds, and loves the hunt.


~ Born To Hunt ~ It has be clear from very early on that MAC was as a product of his selective breeding, born to hunt. An outstanding K9 athlete, his love for the pursuit o' birds can be seen surging through every fiber o' his being.


~ Team MAC ~ Seen recently under judgement on the line at an AKC retriever hunt test in, as entered in the Senior Hunter stakes. MAC and his handler are being tested on MAC's bird marking ability and steadiness. During the land series portion of the hunt test, MAC was required to run double marked retrieves out to 100 yards, a land blind retrieve, and to honor another working dog without breaking from his handler's side or interfering with the working dog.


~ Water Series ~ MAC was also required to do a water series during the AKC Senior Hunter stakes. The water series consisted of a "walk up" approach to multiple marks (two birds) launched in quick succession, one a live flyer and one a dead bird. Water marks out to distances of 100 yards are allowed. MAC was required to remain steady with his handler until being released to make the retrieves. A third series consisting of a "water blind" retrieve was required in which the retriever is required to be directed by the handler using gestural casting and whistle signals to recover a bird the dog has not seen fall to an unknown location for the dog. MAC is seen here making a water retrieve of a mallard during the Senior Hunter stakes.


~ The Connection ~ I train these wonderful dogs by working as a true team with them. The connection we share is one o' mutual respect and a bond that borders on the mystical. T'is quite difficult for me to adequately describe the satisfaction I derive from watching these living works in progress, their development taking shape from that o' a feeble wee pup into an outstanding gun dog athlete.


~ A Measure O' Success ~ A new ribbon won and a new title gained, me wee yellow pup is now known by his registered name SHR LAKE CHAFFEE'S AUTUMN LEGACY O' TRAD FINIAN MAC SH. Titles are nice and are surely a measure o' success on one level, but in reality, the real measure o' performance will be whilst we hunt together afield as a team, a place that MAC has already proven himself to have all the heart and drive that I could possible ask for in him.

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Nice read, Mac is tops!

Aye Kirk,
MAC is indeed a grand retriever, albeit a wee bit muddy looking here as he had just finished retrieving in a swamp.

Mike ☘️

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