Sycamore Gap


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Apr 25, 2006
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North East UK
Shot on the night of the Solstice, this was the first day of all the torrential rain the UK received over the following weeks. I went to try and catch a nice sunset but instead got rather wet.......

I am sure I have posted others of this place...but just for those that hadn't seen them.
Sycamore gap was used in several scenes throughout the Kevin Costner film "Robin Hood Prince Of Thieves" hence why some call it the Robin Hood Tree! A fantastic place on Hadrians Wall.

I am not overly sure on this shot, maybe a little on the dark side for some and the vignette was an after thought...anyway would love to hear your thoughts.


Wow, I am in love with this shot. I can't honestly think of a critique. Everything about this shot works for me.
I agree on the darkness, I think if you just bring up the shadows and increase the contrast of them without hurting the highlights, you'll be golden. I like the vignette, it works.
photo of the month! imo anyway...nicest I've seen so far
I remember you posting other pictures of this place.:D I love how moody this shot is.Although I also think it might be tad dark.
I love the composition of this shot, just perfect. I would try to lighten it in some way tough. See what it gives. Other than that, great shot!
The darkness works beautifully for the shot. It gives an amazing overall feeling. I expect to see lightning flash at any minute.
You are a God.
Well I'm not going that far.
but beautiful shot.
Very nice...reminds me of a advertising image that a film company uses here in the states...something about a lightning strike hitting the tree too. Very nice shot! An HDR version would have been interesting too...or simply try what switchfx said.


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