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Apr 17, 2009
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Hi everyone! I'm thinking of purchasing my first dSLR and I'm leaning very much towards the T1i, but I was wondering if anyone can comment on the amount of back order and waiting I'm going to encounter. I understand that it comes out in May and fortunately I am from NYC and live just a short bus ride away from B and H! Do you guys think I'll be able to camp out when they get their shipment of T1i's? I'm imagining something like a new Harry Potter book relesae where there'll just be massive lines for this camera but unfortunately for us, it's much easier to print out a book than make a $800 piece of machinery.

I know that Adorama is doing pre-orders so I'm assuming that their shipment is all accounted for already so that's why I'm going with B+H.

Thanks for your time!
just call B&H and ask.

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