Tamron 15-30 mm zoom aperture issue


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Mar 13, 2021
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I purchased the
Tamron SP 15-30mm f/2.8 Di VC USD G2 lens with the intent of doing time lapse photos at 4 second intervals. The pictures had exposure variations like in the old audio days we would call wow and flutter. There would be a properly exposed sequence then a series of over or underexposed pictures then another series of properly exposed pictures. This happens throughout the sequence whether it is 500 images or 2000+ images. Because of the variance in the exposure, I can’t create a time lapse video. I just received an new lens on exchange with a higher serial number but it does the same thing. Is this a design problem or am I pushing the lens to hard? I don’t have any problems with my 28-300 Nikon zoom.
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What exposure mode are you using?
For the Interval timer shooting on the Nikon D780, I have to use P. My intention is to do sunrise time lapse from just before sunrise until the sd card is full, so the exposure values would adjust throughout the sequence.
Correct, but I am shooting from 30 minutes before sunrise to whenever the battery dies or the card fills up. I need to have both aperture and shutter speed adjusting to the changing conditions. I have had no problem with my Nikon 28-300 mm but I wanted the wider view. My concern is that even doing regular shooting, I won’t be able to trust the aperture setting my. I was wondering if others have had this issue with this lens or if I just discovered it because of the long sequence of shots.
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Ah, can't help you there ... don't got that lens ... and that camera ... and I've never tried interval shooting ... soo, that just means I am guessing.
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I'll guess because of the wider angle than you're usually using, the meter is getting fooled by a bright sky or dark shadows.

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