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Nov 5, 2008
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Not sure this is what you anted to hear however it may help you a bit.

I have not tried the 18-270, however I have the 28-300 AF 3.5-6.3 Xr Di VC.

Today my wife and I just got home from a walk. The sidewalks and pathways are covered with ice so you must be very careful while walking. We were at an Animal Sanctuary near to where we live.

I have the 28-300 Tamron on a D200 and the two combined while not taking great photos take good photos. I could have taken the D300 with the 70-200 on it however if I had fallen and broke the lens or camera it would have not been a great day.

In the end you get what you pay for. When I purchased the Tamron lens it was with the intent of using it as a good not great all purpose lens. If you are looking for a great lens this is not the way to go.
could u post some images with the tamron ? thanks
would this not AF on the d40 then? due to the fact there is no motor in the d40..
Hi this is not the best but it should give you an idea, hand held at 300mm.


The review found here says that the AF on the lens will work with the D40

Tamron 28-300mm VC for Nikon: Digital Photography Review
thanks. how far would u say u were from that creature?
i love the 18-270 lens because it saves me time in changing lenses .. the all in one is a all in one.. shoot far away or up close.... and i find the photos are pretty decent .. i am not happy with my other tamron lens purchased last year but the all in one Tamron 18-270mm as far as i am concerned is worth the money..and now so much more reasonable since i purchased one...... a photo i took today..


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