Teenage Angst C&C Please


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Nov 4, 2011
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1. $IMG_6710EFB.jpg 2.$IMG_6722EFB.jpg 3.$IMG_6725EFB.jpg 4.$IMG_6876EFB.jpg

All shots taken in AP Mode utilizing exposure compensation when desired due to tons of little white puffy clouds and constant changing light. I wanted to speed up the shoot time as we were on a time budget.
Canon Crop body Camera
Canon EF 24-105nn f/4

#3 was processed in a matte haze style other edits are clean
Lovely young lady! Nice set of moody shots... I would love to see her with a smile, though!
All the backgrounds have awesome bokeh. She looks like she's going to attempt to fake cry though. Get her to smile! Nice shots.
nice. 4 is my fav n i think the processing on 3 works well!
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Wow .. thanks ... I love their sound and looked up some of their other work on youtube and I like it. Thanks so much!
This was an intentional moody shoot not smiley .. here is a sweet little smile photo of her a little less grown up looking :)
I love number 2 and 4 the best. cool pics.
1 and 3 for me.very nice.
Do her face muscles work? She looks so bored. I get the whole moody thing, but it's just not working for me. Setting is a big deal for me, personally, and you've cropped so closely on her that it completely takes her out of her environment. Open it up a bit with that same expression in a dingy location and I think it would work better.
It takes more facial muscles to frown then to smile :) ... I appreciate your feedback however!

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