Tempted by new Nikon B700 as a Vacay cam...


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Jul 16, 2015
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Intriguing bridge camera. Zoom to spare: Nikon announces 60x Coolpix B700, 40x B500 and 35x A900

A sensor rated at 20mp but only 1/2.3" in size (just SLIGHTLY bigger than the 1/3" on my iPhone), but with a focal range of 24-1440 (35mm equivalent). Unlike the P900, this one shoots RAW, which is nice. That is a crazy super extreme amount of focal flexibility.

500.00 USD is about half of the 150-600 lens I've longed for...

Maybe a great cam to take on trips and keep thrown in the console of your car for just-in-case?

Still, that tiny little sensor- what do you think?
might as well buy a D3300. it's just as damn big as one -- with a tiny rinky-dink sensor stuffed in.
Yeah, tiny tiny micro sensor with effective 1440 of glass (with some gimmicky doubling to 2880)- I'd still like to see some sample images as that is a LOT of flexibility compared to an iPhone, and without the backpack full of lenses I took on my last vacation with DSLR.

Wouldn't produce museum quality images, but what is 'good enough'. That is always the question, eh?

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