Which 70-200MM F/2.8 for Canon body?


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Feb 23, 2016
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I'm looking to pick up a 70-200mm f/2.8 for my Canon 6D. However not being a professional photographer and never planning on being one. I'm hoping the experienced folks here can help me understand if I'm really giving up anything if I bought a Sigma or Tamron instead of Canon.

Buying the Canon is within the budget however it would mean delaying other purchases I'm considering. So the next question I thought of is, would I ever plan to sell it? If so I think Canon would hold it's value more so than the other brands. Is this a true statement, I don't know and hope you can help me to understand?

The reviews on Dpreview and Youtube shows the Canon preforming better but does it preform enough better to justify it over the others?

Is there anything I should be considering when making this decision?

Thanks for the help!
Welcome Corey. It really depends on what you are shooting. I shoot sports and the Sigma and Tamron just don't cut it with fast focus like the Canon. Honestly, I find the 70-200 f/2.8 Canon hard to beat. Being in the DFW area, I would think you could find a good version of it used at a good price (at the same price point as a new Sigma or Tamron).
I would go for the Tamron. Save the money. The average every day Joe would never know the difference except in his pocket.
if you shoot sports or action get the Canon
I used the Canon 2.8 (first version, non-IS) and bought the Sigma.
The focusing speed difference is insignificant, and it focuses faster then all my other lenses.
I'd definitely skip the Canon version here, really no need to spend that much money.
One side note regarding 3rd parties lenses. There is a chance that the Tamron, Sigma or other 3rd parties lenses may not compatible with the future Canon Camera body.

In order to make it work, the lens firmware may need to be re-chip or update if available. It seems like some of the newer lenses' firmware can be updated by the user with a lens manufacturer USB dock and a computer. Of course we assume the lens manufacturer do release a new firmware to fix the compatibility issues if any.

Ref: Some older lens issue with newer body
Sigma Lens re-chip
Tamron Lens ID issue

Personally, I do not worry too much about that since I only choose what best for me today based on my own priority. And I own 3rd parties lenses such as one that made by Sigma, Tamron and Cosina. I point this out just in case if someone do care about future camera compatibility.

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